The Childhood Cancer Blog

The Childhood Cancer Blog

Five Champion Athletes Fighting for Cures for Childhood Cancer

by Adam Paris

Whether cheering for your favorite team on the sidelines or playing in a competition, sports have a way of bringing people together! Champion for Kids with Cancer gives athletes an opportunity to use that communal power to give back.  Meet five standout Champions using their athletic accomplishments to help kids with cancer, featured in our slideshow (above) or view all by clicking here.

No matter your athletic aspirations, you can use your activities to fight childhood cancer. By being a Champion for Kids with Cancer, you can demonstrate your dedication to being the best person you can be every day. Whether you are a basketball player scoring points, a goalie making saves, a baseball player stealing home or a cyclist riding miles, when you sign up to be a Champion, you are committed to making a difference! Learn more and sign up to be a Champion for Kids with Cancer today!