The Million Mile: 7 Ways to Rack Up the Miles in September

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Running, walking or riding a million miles alone is impossible; but together we can make a difference and journey to a million during Alex’s Million Mile event this September.

Your first step is to register for Alex’s Million Mile! Then in September, you can begin tracking your miles. Here are 7 great ways you can rack up  miles and raise awareness of the need for cures for childhood cancer!

1. Track all your steps, all day long! Invest in a FitBit or other mile tracker to track your steps all day. If you are a cyclist, use Strava or MapMyFitness apps. Set a goal of at least 10,000 steps in a day. Bonus: Your FitBit, Strava and MapMyFitness can synch directly to your AMM account! Value: 5 miles/day! 

2. Train for that 5k/Half Marathon/Marathon. Seize the day (and the month!) and train for that 5K or marathon you’ve had on your goal list. Try a running program like Couch to 5k to help keep you on track. Enlist your friends in training and ask them to track their miles too! Value: 10 miles/week! (more if you are training for a longer race)

3. Pedal to a Million. Take a bike ride with your family, check out a local bike path or take it off-road to a spin class at the gym. One hour of biking, at a moderate pace can help you rack up the miles fast. Value: 25 miles/hour 

4. Make it a Family Affair. Journeys are more fun with family and friends. Sign up your entire family to track miles, even your family pet! (Fido’s miles count too). Take walks after dinner, in the morning and spend the time catching up! Value: 1 mile/day

5. Sign Up the Whole Team. Play a sport? Sign up your sports team to track practice miles. Sign up your kid’s soccer team and  all of those soccer moms too! Value: 40 miles/practice 

6. Bring Your Miles To Work. Form a group of lunchtime walkers or post-work runners. Make your weekly check-in meeting with your boss, a walking meeting. And, stop sitting so much! Walk around your office for 3 minutes every hour and watch your miles add up! Value: 5 miles/week

7. Keep Moving! Plan weekend runs and end with a fun brunch. Park far away. Take the stairs. Walk to lunch. High step during commercial breaks. Hit the mall for a day of shopping and walking. Value: Limitless!

How will you help us Journey to a Million? Share your Alex’s Million Mile tips with us and sign up your team today!