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5 Awesome (and Free!) Educational Downloads for At-Home Learning

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5 free educational downloads

By: Trish Adkins

We are all at home, more than ever before! Whether your child has downtime during Zoom calls and needs a fun activity to keep them engaged or you are a teacher looking for some enrichment for your students, these free, fun downloads are just what you need to have some non-screen time fun.

These are also great activities for educational pods or traditional homeschoolers, as well as scout groups! 

Here are five awesome free, educational downloads from Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF):

1.    For Little Ones: Test Your Lemon Sense 
Take young children through a sensory trip using a lemon! Walkthrough the five senses and the parts of the body that make those senses happen (i.e. eyes to see, ears to hear). Then, grab a lemon and experiment with sensory awareness. 

2.     For Your Future Comic Book Author: Lemons to Lemonade Comic Strip 
Build problem solving, storytelling and creativity skills by teaching kids the concept of turning lemons into lemonade. Using this handy printable, have your kids select a problem (the lemon), think about how to solve it (the extra sweet ingredients) and imagine the resolution (the lemonade). Then, turn that exercise into a fun and colorful comic strip! 

3.    For Word Detectives: The Official Lemonade Word Search 
Word searches are a great activity to warm-up for school days, cool-down for rest time or pass some moments between virtual classes. The Official Lemonade Word Search contains approachable and challenging words, so kids can flex their vocabulary muscles. 

4.    For Future Book Club Members: Learning the 5 Ws 
Get kids reading and chatting about stories! This activity gets kids thinking about the 5Ws of the Alex’s Lemonade Stand story and then talking about it. The printable and instruction sheet are a great turn-key addition to language arts and reading comprehension work. Plus, it can be adapted for a variety of ages! 

5.    For Future Architects: Build a Mini Lemonade Stand 
Bring together STEM and art, by using simple materials to build a mini lemonade stand. Kids can explore design, engineering and structural principle. They can take the lesson one step further and discuss the business side of running a lemonade stand — from planning, overhead costs to profit margins and advertising!   

Get more At-Home Resources! 
ALSF has adapted standards-based lesson plans and also designed new lesson plans for children to explore, learn and play, all while learning more about community service and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Check out all the resources here.