January 2018

Alex’s Legacy: One Story at a Time

by Liz Scott, Alex’s Mom

Today, January 18, 2018, would have been my daughter Alex’s 22nd birthday; most of you know her as the founder of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Every year as Alex’s birthday rolls around, I wonder what is left to say about Alex. I have shared so much about her amazing life, her heartbreaking struggles and her extraordinary ability to persist. She was a special girl that is certain. I am proud to be her mom.

Five Ways Kids Are Making a Difference for Childhood Cancer

by Adam Paris, ALSF

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation started because Alex believed so strongly in the power of kids helping kids. Whether it’s hitting a hole-in-one, challenging classes to a change war or cheering up SuperSibs, kids are thinking of creative ways to help the fight against childhood cancer. Here are five ways children across the country are making a difference:

1. Turning Sports Stats Into Research Dollars

5 Trends in Childhood Cancer Research

by Trish Adkins

Gone are the days of just chemotherapy and radiation. Today’s researchers and oncologists are combining the traditional tools with cutting-edge biological medicine, genetic analysis and novel therapeutics in the labs and clinics. 

Childhood cancer researchers are working hard towards better treatments and more cures every single day. Here are five trends in research today:

1. Treating the patient, not just the cancer