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February 24, 2014
Dan and Mom Jody at The Lemon Ball.We are deeply saddened as one of our long time childhood cancer heroes, Dan Hammond, passed away last Thursday, February 20. Dan wasn't just a childhood cancer hero, he was a young adult hero as well. After being diagnosed at age 9, Dan fought "the beast" - what he nicknamed his cancer - for 12 years. His connection... Read More
February 13, 2014
Aaah, love is in the air this time of year and depending where you live, so is snow, sleet and rain as this winter continues to pound us with precipitation. In any case, whether you look forward to Valentine’s Day or count the minutes until February 15 – we encourage you to do something meaningful this year to show your love not only for your loved ones, but also for kids with cancer.We love this creative gift that put lots of smiles on the faces of some of our childhood cancer heroes recently…baseball players, Clint Robinson of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Danny Otero of the Oakland Athletics... Read More
January 31, 2014
Couldn't make it to our 8th Annual Lemon Ball on January 11? Watch our new video giving a recap of the night and you'll feel like you were there!Although the video speaks for itself, highlights of the night included: