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Ahzari French

  • Retinoblastoma

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The name Ahzari means “great desire to help people; amiable; generous and sympathetic” which perfectly describes 11-month-old Ahzari French. Still a baby, Ahzari is not yet fully aware of just how much joy she has brought into the lives of her parents and everyone else she meets.

“She has an amazing spirit and personality,” said her mom LaToya. As such, people gravitate toward Ahzari and want to do everything they can to make her smile as she goes through the most harrowing journey of her life – childhood cancer.

In January 2020 when Ahzari was only 5 months old, LaToya noticed a glow in her daughter’s eye that continued to get bigger. Her pediatrician referred her parents to an opthamologist who diagnosed her with cancer. Ahzari received an eye examination under anesthesia (EUA) which found fluid behind her eye and she began chemotherapy after her retinoblastoma diagnosis.

Fortunately, Ahzari has finished chemo, the fluid continues to evaporate, and she has been a real trooper. “She bounced back well after each chemo session,” said LaToya. “The next day she would go back to her normal activity.” For the time being, Ahzari will continue to have MRIs every six months and enjoys spending time playing at her Louisville, Kentucky home.

“She has been such an inspiration,” said LaToya who also considers the COVID-19 fund assistance from Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation a blessing. “We couldn’t have done this without ALSF. The support meant so much to us and made it less stressful just knowing they were there for us.”

Ahzari continues to live up to her name every day. “She’s a happy baby,” said LaToya who wants all parents to know that if they notice a glare, don’t hesitate to get it checked out.

Information provided by LaToya, Ahzari's mom

Updated July 2020

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