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Anna D., SuperSib



Favorite Color
Favorite Activity
Reading and playing the flute.

Anna is an amazing 13-year-old who loves people fiercely. She loves to read, play the flute, and more than anything wants to help raise funds to cure her little sister and others like her. She is compassionate and finds joy in helping others.

Anna makes her parents proud because she is selfless when it is so hard to be. As a sibling of a cancer patient, she has seen her sister get a lot of attention from others and she has not once been resentful or jealous. She has loved her sister through the good and the bad, and her mother knows that has been hard on her.  

Anna prayed for twins when she was 6 years old and when she was almost 9, that prayer was answered when she welcomed Isabella and Jaclyn into her world. When her parents found out that her prayers would be answered, they let Anna name one of them. She named Isabella and has always felt a special bond with her. With that said, Anna was 9 when Isabella was diagnosed. She has been part of this journey every step of the way - from coming to cancer treatments, to staying home from fun events to be with her sister. 

It is helpful when people recognize that Anna is part of this journey too. Not just by telling her, but many have included her when giving a gift or a treat to Isabella. The "things" are not what is important to her, but the gesture is very important. Anna has been blessed to have supportive friends and family who recognize that this is not all about Isabella. They have loved her well and made sure that she is supported.

My sister's battle is my battle... supporting her until she wins.

Information provided by: 

Leslie Day, Anna’s mother