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Jaclyn D., SuperSib



Favorite Color
Pink and Purple
Favorite Activity
Playing with her sisters.

Jaclyn is a quiet and insightful 5-year-old. She is a deep thinker and has more compassion than anyone. She is tender and kind and loves to make others happy.

Jaclyn makes her parents proud because she never complains about not having all the attention on her. She gladly sticks by Isabella's side and supports and loves her unconditionally!  

Being a cancer sibling is all she has ever known. As Isabella's twin, she feels the emotion of this journey unlike anyone else. She NEVER forgets to pray for her sister and makes sure that others are praying for her. She is the best hand holder and back rubber in the world and makes sure to provide comfort when she feels it is needed.

Seeing your sibling get attention and not you is hard, but when it is your twin, it is especially hard. Being recognized as a fighter in this battle with her sister has been big for her. Jaclyn’s family has been blessed with a support group that understands the importance of that and have included her all along the way.

My twin’s battle is my battle… supporting her until she wins.

Information provided by: 

Leslie Day, Jaclyn’s mother