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Frequently Asked Questions: Fundraising Pages

I had a fundraising page before AlexsLemonade.org was updated, why does my new page show only one event?

The goal of our new site is to allow you to have a new fundraising page for each fundraiser you hold for us. Each new fundraiser will have its own goal, donor list, photos, wall posts and more! Your pages from the previous site were merged into one page on the updated site to ensure all your past fundraisers can still be seen.

We took your most recent event and placed it as the focal point of the page and added any additional events to display as blog posts. This page will also show your cumulative goal from past fundraisers. However, new pages will show your funds raised specifically to that fundraiser.

I have multiple fundraising pages, where can I see a list of all of them?

Each of your pages will have a section at the bottom that lists all your pages. Visitors to your page can browse your other pages to see all you have done to support ALSF.

What is the difference between adding a date to a fundraiser and registering a new fundraising page?

Adding a new date will show visitors to your page that you extended the fundraiser for more than one day. However, each fundraising page only allows for one location to be displayed. 

Registering a new fundraiser will give you a fresh page, where you can set a new goal, have new photos, new blogs and receive donations specific to that fundraiser.

How do I add offline donations to my page?

When you mail in your donations to the ALSF office, please be sure to include your Event ID number (located at the top of your fundraising page) on each check and we will do it for you! Please note that during our busy season it may take up to a few weeks for mailed donations to appear on your fundraising page.

Someone told me they made a donation to my page but it is not showing on the donor list?

Most likely, the donors who are not showing on your donor list did not select to have their donations shown in the honor roll. The good news is that this can be changed! Your donor can go back to their contribution and edit it so it shows on the honor roll. Alternatively, our website administrator can make this change for you.

How do I update my total for donations received offline/ at my event?

When you mail your check donations and the proceeds from your event to ALSF, we will enter them into our donor system and then update your fundraising page with these donations.

How do I send my page to my friends?

When logged in to our site and viewing your fundraising page, you will see a box to right of the page “Invite your friends to support your event.” From here you may email people through various email services. You can also send to people via social media by clicking the icons just below the yellow banner on the right side of your page. You can also take the link to your page, for example "http://www.alexslemonade.org/mypage/xxxxx" and manually send it to friends. Only you will be able to make edits to your page. You may log out of the site to see how it appears to others.