Childhood Cancer

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Alex's Lemonade Stand Travel For Care Program

About the Travel For Care Program

Now open to all institutions in the U.S. and Canada!

Recognizing the financial burden that families often encounter, the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Travel For Care Program offers assistance to families who face the need to travel for childhood cancer treatment. Transportation and lodging accommodations are available to eligible families who meet our criteria. Applications must be received on behalf of a social worker or another medical representative.

Special Thanks To

Rita’s Fund of Hope


In 2013, Rita’s established the Rita’s Fund of Hope-an endowment created to ensure that the ALSF Travel For Care Fund will always be able to meet the travel needs of families whose children are battling cancer.

NWM Special Thanks to TD Bank

Featured Travel For Care Program Story

Willow Henke

Willow is a 6-year-old girl with a mom, dad and brother. She lives in Northwestern Montana, where her dad manages a heavy equipment dealership. Just as her family was getting back to normal with her brother arriving and mother going back to work, Willow became very ill. She was getting terrible headaches and her family searched for a reason why. Finally, after none of the local doctors could provide answers, they decided to travel to the nearest children's hospital. The only problem was, it was eight hours away, in Seattle.
The family packed up and drove to Seattle Children... Read more of Willow Henke's story