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Celebrate Today: Plan a Lemonade Stand!

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Now is the perfect time to book your 2016 Lemonade Stand!  

Celebrate the Martin Luther King Day of Service by planning your Lemonade Stand fundraiser to support Alex ‘s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer.   This year, the Martin Luther King Day of Service also coincides with our founder’s birthday. On January 18, we celebrate the day Alexandra “Alex” Scott was born and her lasting legacy of hope for a cure for all children battling cancer. 

Alex also believed that kids could make a real impact and if everyone pitched in, cures would be found, one lemonade stand at the time.  If everyone hosts one small lemonade stand—the donations will add up to millions of dollars for childhood cancer research.

At ALSF, we use the donations raised at lemonade stands to fund innovative, cutting edge scientific research. Our Scientific Advisory Board reviews and chooses the best, most promising projects for all types of childhood cancer.  Your lemonade stands fund breakthroughs for children waiting on cures. 

Hosting a Lemonade Stand is an amazing way to get your children involved with a service project.  Children can be involved and lead every step of the process from picking a date, spreading the word, mixing the lemonade, manning the stand and collecting donations that will be used for childhood cancer research. 

Not sure where to begin? We have some great resources to get you started!

1. Pick a Date and a Place
You can plan your stand for the warmer spring and summer days ahead. Host a winter stand (serving hot chocolate or apple cider).  Or host a stand during Lemonade Days 2016, from June 10-12, 2016, joining thousands of families around the world in a weekend of lemonade and hope for children battling childhood cancer.  You can host your lemonade stand anywhere you want! Your front yard is a great place. Many public locations—parks, schools, businesses or community festivals are great options too! 

2. Register Your Stand!
Registering your stand is quick, easy and free! You can register right here for a stand during Alex's Lemonade Days or pick another date throughout the year and register here

3. Spread the word!
Once you have your date and your location, spread the word. Share your plans on social media, set up a Facebook event, email everyone in your address work, print, post and share flyers and let everyone know when they can stop by for a cup of lemonade and help support Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation! Share your fundraising page and ask out of town supporters to buy a virtual cup of lemonade, by making an online donation. 

4. Gather Your Supplies
Not sure what you need? We’ve compiled a list of all the supplies you need for your stand. Plus, you will receive an awesome fundraising kit from us with banners and supplies to make your Lemonade Stand shine!

5. Host the stand and collect donations
On your big day, smile! You are making a huge difference for children battling cancer. Every donation—whether 50 cents or $15, adds up to funds for innovative research. (Every $50 funds 1 hours of research!) Mix your lemonade, collect donations and help serve up a cure!  

And share your stand pictures with us on social media! We love to hear what you are doing and see your amazing lemonade stands.

Happy Birthday to Alex Scott and Happy Lemonade to all of you!