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November 6, 2009
As you probably know by now, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for all childhood cancers. While on the surface, this statement seems to allude to medical research (which of course is true and vitally important), there is so much more that goes into the everyday lives of children and their families fighting the disease. In 2007, in an ongoing effort to improve the lives and care of kids with cancer, we introduced a Nurse Researcher Grant Program.These grants are given to nurses to help them find better ways to care for children undergoing cancer treatment. If you... Read More
October 2, 2009
As we approach the fall, and we look back at our recent activities, including our children’s first day of school, it is hard not to think about how very different the lives of children with cancer and their families are. Whether it is nursery school, kindergarten or even senior year of high school, we send our children off to prepare for the future dreams that await them every September. But what if they didn’t have the chance to partake in such a normal activity? For over 12,000 families whose children are diagnosed with cancer every year in this country, this isn’t merely a question - it is... Read More
September 25, 2009
If you have been visiting our website lately, you know that it has been a busy end of summer/beginning of fall for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. This past weekend was no exception, as both myself and Alex’s dad were busy attending events in three different states. Though the events couldn’t have been more different – they all had a common theme – amazing things are possible when a community comes together.Above:... Read More