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The Childhood Cancer Blog

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Paris Prinsen can’t remember the day she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

She was an infant at her diagnosis, and while she does not remember the full body radiation and chemotherapy she received, her diagnosis is something she can never forget. “We’re constantly worried,” she said. Every time she experiences a symptom of something, she wonders, “Is this normal or is it because of the cancers I’ve had in the past?”

Experiencing such rigorous treatment so early in life stunted her growth, and caused a slew of side effects as she grew up – including the development of a... Read More

Congratulating the graduating class of 2023 POST grantees.

The Pediatric Oncology Student Training (POST) program is a special category of grants awarded by Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) for undergraduate, graduate and medical students who have an interest in pediatric oncology research. The program is short – just 10 weeks – but the impact is life changing: POST grantees often go on to be the scientists who find breakthroughs and push towards more cures for kids with cancer. 

“The POST... Read More

September kicks off Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. All month long you can “Go Gold” in honor of the nearly 17,000 children who will be diagnosed in 2023, the 1,800 children who die each year and the over 500,000 survivors of childhood cancer who are alive because of research. 

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is a critical part of the search for cures. While everyone has heard of childhood cancer, not everyone understands the impact the disease has in the lives of children and their families. From the fear and uncertainty to endless hospital procedures to financial and family... Read More