Student Leadership Academy

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Meet the Ambassadors

If you’re wondering if our Student Leadership Academy (SLA) is right for you – get to know our current ALSF Student Ambassadors! Students from all over the country attend our SLA every summer – this could be you. More coming soon!

Abby Benton

Abby Benton - Maryland

Aidan McKeon

Aidan McKeon - New York

Alyssa Noval

Alyssa Noval - Pennsylvania

Amanda Wei

Amanda Wei - California

Amy Potter

Amy Potter - Connecticut

Annabelle Roses

Annabelle Roses - New Jersey

Arielle Kopp

Arielle Kopp - New Jersey

Brianna Schaible

Brianna Schaible - New Jersey

Caitlin Flynn

Caitlin Flynn - Connecticut

Carly Wenig

Carly Wenig - New Jersey

Ellie Simmons

Ellie Simmons - Connecticut

Erin Groves

Erin Groves - Pennsylvania

Evan Miserendino

Evan Miserendino - New Jersey

Gianna Richason

Gianna Richason - Pennsylvania

Grace Bucklin

Grace Bucklin - Delaware

Halle Middleton

Halle Middleton - Pennsylvania

Jack Jablonski

Jack Jablonski - Pennsylvania

Jaclyn Kim

Jaclyn Kim - New Jersey

Jacqueline Reagan

Jacqueline Reagan - New Jersey

Janeen Darwish

Janeen Darwish - New Jersey

JB Alverzo

JB Alverzo - New Jersey

Jocelyn Crouthamel

Jocelyn Crouthamel - Pennsylvania

John Stracquadanio

John Stracquadanio - New Jersey

Julia Flatley

Julia Flatley - Pennsylvania

Julia Saltzstein

Julia Saltzstein - New Jersey

Julianna Kolek

Julianna Kolek - Delaware

Karina Devas

Karina Devas - Pennsylvania

Kate Sallee

Kate Sallee - Nebraska

Lauren Krasilovsky

Lauren Krasilovsky - California

Maeve Fitzgerald

Maeve Fitzgerald - New Jersey

Maggie Fitzgerald

Maggie Fitzgerald - New Jersey

Mahati Agumamidi

Mahati Agumamidi - New Jersey

Max Wittenberg

Max Wittenberg - Pennsylvania

Morgan Erdoes

Morgan Erdoes - New York

Nikhil Desai

Nikhil Desai - Connecticut

Nikki Holmes

Nikki Holmes - Maryland

Riddah Shaikh

Riddah Shaikh - New Jersey

Ryan Lenart

Ryan Lenart - New Jersey

Samantha Swain

Samantha Swain - New Jersey

Simran Gohel

Simran Gohel - New Jersey

Tanuj Gupta

Tanuj Gupta - New Jersey

Will Seiden

Will Seiden - Connecticut

Winston Yoon

Winston Yoon - New Jersey