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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the Academy to the students?

Students who are accepted into the Student Leadership Academy (SLA) are responsible for any costs associated with transportation to Philadelphia, PA.

The Academy will provide meals, lodging, staffing and leadership programs at no cost to the students.

Accepted students will also be expected to pay a $20 non-refundable registration fee when they officially enroll into SLA.

What are some of the skills that will be taught?

SLA will focus on several leadership skills including teamwork, motivating others, effective communication, decision making, values and ethics, time management and personal leadership styles. Students will also learn about the mission and vision of ALSF and how they can get involved to ensure that Alex’s legacy continues.

Where does SLA take place?

SLA takes place on the beautiful suburban campus of Villanova University, approximately 12 miles outside of Philadelphia. More information about this prestigious university can be found at

Which airport should I fly into for SLA?

The closest airport to Villanova University is the Philadelphia International Airport. Students who are accepted into the program will receive a detailed agenda, campus map, directions and travel information.

What should I bring/pack?

The attire for the week is comfortable and casual. Past participants have worn athletic clothing, khaki shorts, golf shirts, t-shirts, etc. Since we do spend time outdoors, we suggest bringing sunscreen, a refillable water bottle and cool, comfortable clothing.

Linen service is provided at Villanova, which provides students with sheets, a blanket, towels and a pillow. The residence halls are air-conditioned. There is no cable hookup or phone in the rooms. Participants are responsible for bringing their own toiletries and since the restrooms are common, they may consider bringing a bucket or another way to transport their items to and from the restrooms.

What about medication?

Some participants will need to bring medication. We ask that you denote the need to bring medication on the application form and as well as how you would like the medication administered and stored.

What are the Check In/Check Out Times and Procedures?


Check-in for SLA participants is from 3 – 4pm on Monday, July 27, 2020. EARLY CHECK IN WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. Families who arrive early are welcome to walk the campus or enjoy the surrounding towns and area. Check in will take place at Fedigan Hall (number 20 on the campus map).


Check-out for SLA will take place between 3:30 and 4pm on Thursday, July 30, 2020. All parents must be prepared to pick up their sons or daughters at this time. If participants are flying home, we recommend arranging for a flight time of 5:30pm or later on Thursday.

Where will I stay?

All overnight participants will reside in Fedigan Hall, a Villanova University residence hall. The residence halls are air-conditioned and accessed only through a security card. Each room has a traditional dorm set-up with two twin beds, dressers and desks. Wings are organized by gender. There is a shared restroom on each floor with several showers. Each individual will likely be assigned a roommate. This will be a great opportunity to practice for college.

Who will assist us if we need help during the night?

There will be several resident leaders who will reside on the halls with the students. These leaders are college students or staff that have been trained for the position. Also residing with the students and overseeing the university leaders is a Villanova University Learning to Lead Staff Member. This individual graduated from Villanova University as both an undergraduate and graduate student. She was also a Resident Assistant and Resident Director while at Villanova University.

In case of emergency or if a participant is in need of assistance, these resident leaders will be available throughout the night. Overnight staff to student ratio is typically 15:1.

What will I eat?

Participants are provided three all-you-care-to-eat meals each day. All meals take place in the Donahue Dining Hall where students have several meal options including hot meals, pizza, deli bar, salad bar, vegetation dishes, dessert bar including ice cream and unlimited beverages.

In addition to the meals, students may choose to bring cash to purchase snacks beyond meal time at the various university’s eateries and/or vending machines.

What if there’s an emergency?

If a participant is in need of medical care, the Bryn Mawr Hospital is approximately one and half miles away. In addition, there is an urgent care facility approximately two miles away that may be appropriate depending on the illness and the needs of the students. Villanova University also has a 24-hour emergency medical response team. The application requests medical insurance information is available in case of an emergency.

What is security like on-campus?

Residence Halls can only be accessed through a keycard which each participant will receive upon check-in. In addition, campus security patrols the campus 24-hours a day.

Room Keys and Wild Card Policies

Students are responsible for their room key and Wild Card which serves as their meal card. Students will be charged a $65 lost room key fee and a $15 lost Wild Card fee. Upon check in students are provided with a Villanova lanyard to hold both items. Students are encouraged to wear the lanyard at all times to ensure that these cards are not lost!

Policies on Inappropriate Behavior, Smoking and Substance Abuse

SLA ONLY accepts students who are excited to learn more about themselves, set goals, make a difference and be inspired. Demonstration of inappropriate behavior, use of cigarettes, drugs and alcohol are absolutely not permitted. A student will be removed immediately from the program and parents/guardians will need to arrange for transportation from Villanova University’s campus.

Is laundry service available?

There are some washing machines and dryers in the residence halls. Students will need to bring quarters for the service and purchase or bring detergent.

What time do I go to sleep?

Our days are busy and you will need all the energy you can muster. Therefore, students are required to be in their rooms by 10pm and lights out at 11pm.

Will I have internet access or be able to use my phone?

You will be able to access the internet and use cellular devices during your free time.