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Spinal Cord Tumor - Astrocytoma

Astrocytoma are the most common type of childhood glioma, a type of central nervous tumor Like all gliomas, astrocytomas consist of glial cells, which form the connective tissue of the brain. Astrocytomas can occur in both the brain and spine; but most often occur in the cerebellum (the part of the brain that coordinates movement and balance), optic nerve and in the brainstem.  Astrocytomas can be benign or malignant. 

Latest Spinal Cord Tumor - Astrocytoma grants

Charles Eberhart, MD, PhD, Principal Investigator
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Catalyst Grants, Awarded 2019
Jie Song, PhD, Principal Investigator
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Innovation Grants, Awarded 2017
Charles Eberhart, MD/PhD & Eric Raabe MD/PhD, Principal Investigator
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Innovation Grants, Awarded 2016

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