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Camila A., SuperSib

Camila is 7 years old and her favorite color is red. She loves dancing, playing tennis, and her sister, Carolina, who was born with the genetic disorder neurofibromatosis 1.

When Camila was 5 years old, Carolina underwent chemotherapy for an optic glioma. At such a young age, this was hard for Camila to understand, and she struggled with not receiving the attention she wanted and needed. But as she’s grown, Camila has become an extremely supportive sister to Carolina. Her parents are especially proud of her because she is a good helper, an amazing student, a kind leader and a go-getter.

Communication through the SuperSibs program was most helpful to Camila. During the time Carolina was going through treatment and afterward, something as simple as receiving cards addressed to her, and knowing other kids were feeling the same way she did, had a very positive impact on Camila and made each day easier.

“Everyone should be kind to people with disabilities.” – Camila

Information provided by: 

Ivelisse, Camila’s mom