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Israel, Najma, Janoah and Ludmila H., SuperSibs

Israel, Najma, Janoah and Ludmila were all amazing siblings to Ethan, who was diagnosed with ependymoma and sadly passed away in 2020. Their favorite activities were when they could all play together, whether it was building Legos or racing each other in Mario Kart.

The oldest, Israel, was closest to Ethan. The two were inseparable since a young age. At 14 years old, it was difficult for Israel to watch the condition of his best friend and brother worsen. But whenever Ethan was experiencing pain, Israel was the one they’d call on to distract him – he’s always been the best one at cheering him up.

Najma, who is 10, tends to keep her feelings hidden, but would always ask how Ethan is doing. Janoah, 9, is much more vocal, and is often sad thinking about what Ethan has had to go through. The youngest of the five, Ludmila, who is only 6 years old, asks questions and shows concern for Ethan, but moves on to talk about her dolls quickly.

Although each of them has been affected differently by Ethan’s cancer journey, their parents are proud of how they’re always there for each other just as they were there for Ethan. They love the SuperSibs program, and always feel special when something comes in the mail for them.

Information provided by: Kristen Haley, 11/20

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