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Attention Parents & Teachers: Here Are Five Great Ways For Your School To Get Involved With Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

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It's back to school time! The school year is a great time to support Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. We have lots of amazing programs that your classroom (and school!) can participate in to raise funds for childhood cancer research. Not only will your kids help other kids, but they will learn some valuable life lessons

Here are five great ways to get involved and help find a cure for childhood cancer!

1. Join the Great Lemonade War
Get ready to compete with other schools! Inspired by the book The Lemonade War by Jaclyn Davies, schools across the country compete to see who can raise the most money through a lemonade stand project or other event. Schools who compete receive a copy of the book, lesson plans and resources on math, business and finance. Your students can learn about profit and loss, marketing and advertising. 

2. Run. Walk. Ride. for Alex’s Million Mile
Get your student body moving during Alex’s Million Mile—our annual campaign to collectively go one million miles for childhood cancer research. Each September, teams log the miles that they run, walk and/or bike in honor of the children battling cancer. Your school can create a team and log miles as part of their physical education program. Set fitness goals, host fundraising events and get your teachers involved by competing to see who can go the most miles! 

3. Help Make a Change with your Change! 
Sign up for our Change Childhood Cancer program! Just by collecting spare change, students can help other children battling cancer. It is a great lesson in saving, philanthropy and working together. Pennies add up to quarters which add up to dollars which can fund more research! Schools that participate receive adorable coin collection boxes that look like little lemonade stands. 

4. Add Some Lemonade To Your Math Lessons 
Lemonade stand math is a fun, creative way to reinforce word problem skills, measurement, operations and logic. ALSF has brand new math lesson plans appropriate for grades K-5. 

5. Share Alex’s Amazing Lemonade Stand Story
The story of ALSF starts with our founder Alex Scott—a girl just like your students! The book, Alex’s Amazing Lemonade Stand is a great read for classroom story time! Schools can request a complimentary copy and download discussion materials from our website.

ALSF has even more tools in our Lessons and Downloads section of the website, including coloring pages! Ready to get your school involved in ALSF? Email our Community Engagement Specialists, Ellie Paparone (Pre-K-8) or Gayla Freeman (High School and Universities).

Have a great school year!