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November 17, 2021

Earlier this month I celebrated my 52nd birthday. Every year in the days surrounding my birthday I find myself reflecting on my life. I try not to fill my reflections with regrets, but instead focus on all that is good in my life and the people I am grateful for. I feel like the luckiest person in the world, so choosing just one person to be grateful for is like trying to choose a favorite star in the sky.

Some people seem surprised when I say I am lucky. My beautiful, amazing daughter, Alex, died when she was 8 years old from neuroblastoma. She was sick for nearly her entire short... Read More

September 3, 2021
alsf founder alex scott at her lemonade stand

Alex Scott was just 4 years old and battling neuroblastoma when an experimental treatment, called MIBG, made her feel better. Alex emerged from the hospital certain of two things: the treatment worked and that she wanted to host a lemonade stand. 

Alex’s MRI results proved she was right: she was cancer-free for the first time in three years, except for one spot on her spine. Alex was also determined. She recognized that new treatments could help other kids, too, and wanted to host a lemonade stand and donate her stand’s... Read More

August 1, 2021
Alex learning to walk

Today marks 17 years since I shared my last moments with my daughter Alex. It was a lifetime ago. Since then, our lives have marched on. So many small and large moments have come and gone and milestones have been reached. I have tried to live a good life that honors her through our work with the Foundation, of course, but also a life that honors something greater – the gift of having dreams and life goals and getting to reach them. I guess you would say living a full and purposeful life is itself a tribute to Alex, as it was something she fought for and worked for her entire life. 

... Read More