Childhood Cancer

Childhood Leukemia

Information on Current Treatments

Treatments for various types of childhood leukemia evolve and improve over time. The treatments for JMML described in this chapter were the ones most commonly used when this book was written. You can learn about the newest treatments available by calling the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at (800) 422-6237 and asking for information about JMML. This free information explains the disease, state-of-the-art treatments, and any ongoing clinical trials. Two versions are available:

  • One for families, which uses simple language and contains no statistics; and
  • One for health professionals, which is technical, thorough, and includes citations to scientific literature.

For accurate and up-to-date online information about JMML, visit the NCI website at


It has been eight years since my son’s successful stem cell transplant for JMML. He had his share of side effects and a few long-term effects, but he is doing fine now. It was a hard journey, but when I look back, it made all of us who we are today. The science behind my son’s treatment changed my career—I’m now training to become a nurse. My two other children really suffered because I was focused on their little brother and basically disappeared for three years. We are just starting to unpack all of those emotions now with the help of good therapists. We all need a few more tools in our toolboxes. All of my kids are amazing! A friend of the family coined a phrase that I think captures how we feel: “We are the most fortunate of the least fortunate.”