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Can I print my own banner or sign using your logos?

Yes, we encourage stand hosts to design their own banners, flyers or signs and incorporate our logos. We also offer some downloads and printable materials, visit our Downloads page for more information.

Can my company match the donations raised at my stand or event?

Yes, many companies offer matching donation programs and/or Dollars for Doers programs, where they will donate money to the foundation for each hour you work at your lemonade stand. Inquire at your company and if your company needs us to fill out paperwork, please forward the paperwork along with your stand proceeds. You can also send forms via fax - (610) 649-3038.

Can people write checks when they want to donate?

Absolutely! All donors who write checks receive a thank you note and receipt from us. Make checks payable to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Does Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation support one hospital or one type of research?

Our mission is to find a cure for all childhood cancers and that allows us to work with researchers from near and far. Put simply, we believe in funding the best and most promising research into all types of childhood cancers and have funded projects at nearly 150 leading hospitals and institutions across the United States and Canada.  Researchers from all not-for-profit institutions in North America are encouraged to apply.

How can I get involved? Can I organize an event other than a lemonade stand?

Yes! You can get involved by hosting your own lemonade stand or any other event - collecting coins, organizing a 5K or walk-a-thon, holding a virtual fundraiser, a "yellow spirit day" - the possibilities are endless. Almost any event or activity can be turned into an Alex's Lemonade fundraiser. We encourage our volunteers to be as creative as they want in hosting fundraising events. Visit our Get Involved section -- you'll find lots of ideas for ways you can help. Then, when you've decided what you want to do, register your event on our site. You'll get your own company ALSF page you can share, and one of our fundraising coaches will be in touch within 1-2 days to offer support.

How can I set up a stand?

Setting up a stand is easy! Visit our Plan A Lemonade Stand page to learn how and be sure to register your stand as an Official Alex's Lemonade Stand.

How do I send in the donations?

It is easy to send in donations, just write a check or money order equal to all of the cash donations, and send it to:

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
333 E. Lancaster Ave, #414
Wynnewood, PA 19096


How does Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation raise funds?

Our donations come from several sources, including: devoted volunteers who host fundraisers; partnerships with businesses and corporations; and individual donations made directly to our Foundation.

How much money has Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation raised?

We have raised more than $300 million for childhood cancer, and we have funded over 1,500 research projects at nearly 150 institutions. Additionally, we have important programs to help families struggling with childhood cancer, such as our Travel For Care program and SuperSibs.

How much of the money raised goes to programs and research versus administrative/fundraising costs?

Alex was committed to making every donation count, and the Foundation bearing her name has carried on that vision of giving as much as possible to research and programs. Thanks to the lemonade stand hosts, our generous sponsors and donors, we have been able to keep our administrative and fundraising expenses at a minimum. In 2021, our fundraising and administrative expenses combined were approximately 11%.

What is Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s mission?

To change the lives of children with cancer through funding impactful research, raising awareness, supporting families, and empowering everyone to help cure childhood cancer.

Who was Alex?

Alex is the inspiration behind Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Alexandra “Alex” Scott (1996-2004) was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer, before her first birthday. At the age of 4, Alex announced that she wanted to hold a lemonade stand to raise money to help find a cure for all children with cancer.

Will the Foundation help me with supplies for my stand?

Once you register your lemonade stand, we will send you a few essential supplies for your stand, including a small banner and promotional materials. We encourage our stand hosts to read through our Guide to Hosting an Official ALSF Event for tips on getting all of your supplies for your stand donated.

Will you send me a lemonade stand? Do I need to build one?

No, we do not send lemonade stands, nor do you need to build one, although if you want to, you certainly can (check out our Stand Construction Blueprint on our Downloads page!). Most people use a regular table, but any table-like surface will work fine. There are many creative ways to decorate it so people will want to stop by! Also, after you register your stand, we will send you a small banner to hang at your stand so everyone knows you are holding an official Alex's Lemonade Stand.